A goal of Alpine Achievers Initiative is to increase academic performance in rural Colorado.



Our academic program brings 20 AmeriCorps members from all over the country to assist students in the classroom. Pairing struggling students with an AmeriCorps member who can serve them throughout the year increases academic performance, boosts confidence and gives kids a chance to succeed.


Our AmeriCorps members:

  • Deliver one-on-one and small group tutoring with fidelity in math and literacy (3-5 times per week for 20-45 minutes per session).

  • Support students performing below the 33rd percentile of their grade level.

  • Are trained in evidence-based intervention techniques before they start serving in schools and receive ongoing professional development and intervention training throughout the school year.

  • Work closely with teachers and Response to Intervention teams to make sure they are implementing complementary instruction to students.


If you would like to bring aai into your school next year,

contact megan at