Every month, we highlight a few of our AmeriCorps members for the amazing things they do at their service sites. Help us celebrate them and learn about what they are doing to better their communities!



cloe dickson

Cloe Dickson

“When Cloe started, we anticipated her being an academic resource for all of the students who needed a math assist here or help with an essay there. However, our situation dictated that she would have to step in and help a young lady with a physical disability access the high school experience. Cloe has given this young lady chances to do the things she had only seen from the outside looking in. As I write this, she is serving our school by making it possible for that student to compete in a knowledge bowl competition at ASU. I could not be more proud to have her represent Monte Vista High School even though she has only been here several months.”

kirstin wolgast

Kirstin Wolgast

“We have been short staffed at the BGC because of sickness and one person moving and Kirstin stepped up and has been handling way more responsibility than she needs to in order to keep the club running smoothly. Even though she gets really stressed out at the desk, she has handled it like a champ and has been a great team player and is wonderful with the kids! And she's done it all with a broken butt.”

JUNE 2019

olivia zerger

Olivia Zerger

“Olivia has a confident and positive attitude that she brings to every situation. By encouraging the kids to trust themselves and their classmates, in return they trust her and respect her as an authority while also seeing her as a safe and positive role model.”

taylor samples

Taylor Samples

“Taylor is a very positive figure in this school as she has a great understanding of being a positive and patient leader for the kids. It is awesome to see a member who can have fun with the kids while also being respected and admired. She brings engaging activities into the high school classroom that are educational and also include real life values.”

MAY 2019


Brianna Loughran

“Brianna started a Flat Stanley Project to connect our Salida Boys and Girls Club (BGC) to BGCs around the United States. She did this in order for kids in other places to see mountains here in Colorado and for our kids in Salida to see other places around the world like the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. This project she has started has created connections to all these other clubs to give kids some cool insights.”


Laura Finley

“Laura has been an amazing addition to the Mountain Valley family. The kids love her and her energetic, spunky attitude. When she walks into school every day, the kids show so much excitement to see her. Her creativity has made the afterschool program such a fun place for the kids to go. She has an amazing ability to come up with activities that get the kids up and moving that also relate to what the kids are learning in school. We are so lucky to have Laura here and are thankful that she will be returning for a second year!”

APRIL 2019


Priscila Lopez

“Priscila joined Alpine Achievers Initiative later than the other AmeriCorps members, but has made an amazing addition from the moment she arrived. Coming from Miami in the dead of Winter, she adapted quickly to life in Saguache. Priscila always wears a smile and has a laugh contagious to her peers and the youth she serves with."


Matt White

“Matt is a second year member, and also the lead for AAI's Backyard to Backcountry program. Matt is extremely knowledgable and does an excellent job at sharing his expertise for the outdoors with youth in a way that they will understand and are engaged. He inspires curiosity and challenge in the youth he serves. Thank you for all you do!"

MARCH 2019


Surya Greer

“Surya is one of the returning members at Mountain Valley School, and we are so happy she decided to stay a second year. Her impact at the school is noticed daily through her work with the students. From planning lessons for high school Spanish to facilitating fun after school programs, she does it all. Her gentleness with the kids is something that we truly appreciate. Thank you Surya!”


Cassidy Meehan

“Cassidy is an Amazing contributor to our school and is a huge part of who we are as a school culture. She is always dependable and can be trusted with difficult tasks. She will rise to any challenge placed in front of her. She has worked hard and gained the respect of the students and staff members and they enjoy her presence. She is deeply valued here as a person and as someone who has given her commitment to a year of serving others. Thank you Cassidy for honoring us with your service at Crestone Charter School!”


Darci Kaizer

“From varying topics of sustainability, geology, wildlife, and winter ecology, Darci is a natural interpreter and great at building students’ enthusiasm towards environmental science.  She’s led K and 1st graders trekking through the snow with compasses in hand, chanting the cardinal directions and looking for buried treasure. She’s encouraged the curiosity of older students on a geology hike as they collected rock samples and identified what they are finding, creating mental images of what was happening long ago in the spot we were standing. We could not be more thankful for Darci’s service with Alpine Achievers Initiative and Greater Arkansas River Nature Association this year. Not only does she build and lead fun lessons that propel students to learn more about the natural world and be better stewards, but she is an amazing team player behind the scenes for the organization. Jumping in various roles from marketing, coordinating logistics, and grants, Darci is a talented and motivated person willing to continually try new things.”


Libby Lough

“Libby is a gentle spirit while serving with the kids. She works well with her Middle Schoolers and has invested so much of herself in them already. She is a great friend and someone who gives to people around her. Patient and kind, she is a support system to all around her. We are so happy and lucky to have her at our site! ”


Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.04.52 PM.png

Daniel Kelly (DK)

“DK has been a huge help with pioneering the Social Emotional Learning Gaming program at BGC, he has run games for an amazing group of 6-10 year olds who have no gaming experience, gotten them excited to play, and has helped quite a few of the youth mature and grow. He was also recently an amazing asset at the AAI/BGC combined fundraiser, Goodwill Gaming, where he participated in the majority of the 15 hour day in a variety of ways: supporting games with youth in them, helping youth volunteers become more confident running games and teaching them to adults, ran and got pizzas for the event, helped set up, and did an awesome job working with youth of a variety of ages all day. Having seen DK work with youth a lot over the last few months has shown me that his patience, creativity, and compassion have helped him in his service, build relationships with youth, and support youth in a variety of ways.”

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.05.18 PM.png

Mason Osgood

“Mason goes above and beyond! He has supported the students at Crestone Charter by attending field trips outside of his regular hours and was the adult support behind the rock climbing class offered by Adams State. Mason is constantly finding new ways to engage with the students. He constantly has a smile and can bring humor to any situation. He is a huge asset to this community and Crestone Charter School!”


Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.07.49 PM.png

Katie Appell

“I would like to shove Katie Appell into the spotlight as I don't think she'd put herself there on purpose. Katie Appell's performance has brought to mind the term ‘Victory Student’ that my 8th grade Language Arts teacher used to describe a student who is driven to do her best. That's Katie - driven to do her best.”

“She has and continues to build such great friendships with the students, both at her service school and at the Boys and Girls club. She is a great role model to the students and shows them how not to take life so seriously with her humor! :)”

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.08.12 PM.png

Nora Petran

“Nora recently has been going above and beyond with her service site. After learning how behind many of the high schoolers at CCS are, she's on a mission to make sure they're caught up to where they need to be. It is rare that I don’t see Nora helping a student in the high school. The staff depend on her to help motivate and offer closer intervention when it is needed. She's also an awesome human being and always brings positive energy to the workplace! We love her over here!!”


Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.09.12 PM.png

Allyson Stone

“One afternoon, I asked Ally if she would be willing to take a couple groups of kids to the dome during our extra hours for early release and she accepted with joy as usual. When it came time for the kids to arrive, she had created and prepared an entire lesson about plants for the kids that even included a plant part rock, paper, scissor game. Ally consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of her and she does it with a passion for inspiring kids to find their own passion for themselves!”

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.09.47 PM.png

Sammy Karle

“Sammy has been a key component of our instructional team. She currently serves more kids on a daily basis than most case managers in the valley work within the course of a week. She does an excellent job of challenging students as well as providing the caring support students need. She serves a wide variety of student needs without complaining and shows great potential to serve others. I cannot think of a better representative for Americorps or the Alpine Achievers.”


Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.16.37 PM.png

Leslie Sizemore

"Leslie has a very unique position and is serving full time at the Boys and Girls Club in Alamosa. She is rockin' it! She is making connections with the kids at the club already and stepping up wherever help is needed. She went into this position at full force and with a smile, and is already making such a big difference. They are so lucky to have her as a member this year!"

Thank you for being awesome, Leslie!