Alumni Impact Stories


Tanner Miller, 16/17

“The very most important lesson I learned is that you're never gonna be Superman and you're never gonna make all the world's problems go away. However, you really have the chance to make people's lives better by being a wonderful person and radiating positivity. Sometimes all people need is a friend.”


Dayton Shaw, 15/16

“Serving with AmeriCorps definitely increased the value that I put on service to other humans. It also provided me with incredible professional tools that I still use and will continue to use as a teacher, and most importantly shown me that the problems people face exist pretty much everywhere.”


Jenavieve Steinbach, 16/17

“When I was younger I used to think of service and volunteering as extra work; not something that could be fun. Now I look at service as a part of every day. Instead of being extra work, service is a chance to put a smile on a student’s face. It is an opportunity to give back to my community. Service validates my previous choices and reminds me why I was put here; I enjoy helping others, but I love  working with kids.”


Ally Stone, 17/18, 18/19

“Serving with AAI has helped me grow ten feet in confidence. I am more sure of my goals, skills, and I have a stronger sense of self. I have had the pleasure in serving in two very different rural communities and I have learned so much about myself through my service. Before serving with AAI, I never really considered a career revolving around youth, but alongside the tools I’ve gained in trainings and the day to day work with youth, I discovered I really enjoy working with youth of all ages. Serving alongside a cohort of 20 other members has taught me so much about my voice and navigating communication. Although the future looks unclear for the time being for me post AmeriCorps, I know I will bring with me the knowledge and skills I gained during my two years of service with AAI.”


Katie Appell, 18/19

“I think most people go into service with the idea that they will teach or positively affect a population. Though this is often true, my time with AmeriCorps has shown me that I have learned far more from my students than I ever thought possible. If you want to be challenged, learn ways in which you can be more socially conscious and empathetic, and meet an incredible cohort of people that also want to serve, AmeriCorps is for you. I think people walk away from a year with AmeriCorps understanding the world a little bit better and in turn that makes the world a better place.”


Surya Greer, 17/18, 18/19

“I had a couple of different visions for my life in my first year out of college, all resulted in respectable universally valued careers. When I graduated, I had no idea what AmeriCorps was and wouldn’t find out until a week or so before applying to this position. Without my dads advice, I wouldn’t have experienced some of the most humbling and moving two years of my life. Ending up here was a moment of serendipity, transformed into a sense of belonging to this wonderful community. Moving to Colorado a year and a half ago was definitely a leap of faith, and this position has allowed me to continue to expand my comfort zone ever since.”

maddie interdonato