Oil and Water Don't Mix!

By Laura Finley

What do we do at Out of School Time (OST) on a cold a rainy spring day? Turn elementary schoolers into scientists! This quick and easy (if messy!) experiment is one that our kids were amazed to see unfold, and are stoked to do again.

out of school activity

All you need for this experiment:

Paint Pallettes                                               


4 Colors of marker                                         






Food Coloring

*A strong commitment to cleaning up*

oil and water experiement

Let’s do it! To mix each liquid, the kids used their fingers on the straws to suction some vinegar, oil, water, and milk into the pallette. They looked at each combination to decide if the liquids mixed or didn’t. They found that oil and water did not mix, but water and vinegar did! This part of the experiment, of course, yielded many sub-experiments into what each combination felt like… tested by sticking grubby kid fingers into each combination (fun!). After we looked at each combo, we added food coloring to the liquids- the red oil did NOT mix with the blue water….COOL!

The kids loved becoming chemical engineers, touching the mixtures, and watching some colors mix and others not! Definitely a great rainy day activity for our future scientists!