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girls circle


council for boys and young men

Friendship (8 sessions, girls/non-binary, ages 9-14): This curriculum addresses issue of exclusion, intolerance, and feuding while confronting relation aggression and builds strong interpersonal skills. It challenges pride and uplifts confidence and empathy through a series of activities and connected discussions to build supportive peer groups.


Body Image (12 sessions, girls/non-binary, ages 12-18): Topics in Body Image cover physical awareness, health, and emotional balance through a variety of media, art projects, fun activities, and connected discussions. This curriculum works to examine messages and personal beliefs that influence perception of body image, and building personal and peer skills to increase positive body image, health, and safety.

Relationships with Peers (10 sessions, girls/non-binary, ages 13-18): Using a variety of activities including journaling, role playing, sculpting, and more, this curriculum covers a variety of topics relating to positive interpersonal relations. It covers topics of positive personal expression, prosocial interaction, healthy relationships, acceptance, and expression/recognition of feelings.

Growing Healthy, Growing Strong (10 sessions, boys/non-binary, ages 9-14): This curriculum challenges boys through fun activities and discussion to identify social-emotional messages, experiences, attitudes, and health choices around growing up and being masculine in our culture. It works to build recognition of bullying and ways to combat it, healthy competition and teamwork, expectations of males and females, and building positive self-confidence and emotional expression.

Standing Together: A Journey of Respect (10 sessions, boys/non-binary, ages 9-14): The participants in this journey of respect learn to accept and overcoming social-cultural barriers, knowing personal rights, developing and protecting personal space for themselves and others, challenging put down culture, and understanding boundaries through a variety of activities and games paired with focused discussions.

Living a Legacy: A Rite of Passage (10 sessions, boys/non-binary, ages 14-18): Through experiential activities, participating youth gain supportive insight and skills around:relationships, conflict resolution, education, leadership, community service, diversity, mass media messages, personal values, integrity, future goals, and being positive role models.