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Girls Circle or Council for Boys

Alpine Achievers Initiative is interested in supporting the youth of your school or programs in running Girls Circle or The Council for Boys and Young Men programs. These programs are 8-12 sessions, that last at least 1hr with groups of 4-10 participants ages 8-18 that focus on a variety of social emotional topics. Designed by The One Circle Foundation, these programs are evidence-based and trauma-informed. Working in partnership with your staff or fully AAI run, we can assist in building positive peer networks and prosocial skills with youth that would fall in all categories of support and care.

Mindful Schools Training

The Mindful Schools curricula that AAI offers focuses on increasing student and staff capacity in increased moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, actions, emotions, and bodily awareness to increase self-regulation. This curricula is evidence-based and trauma-informed, and has been shown to decrease stress and overwhelm in students, and has given them increased resilience and ability to strive. Mindful Schools curricula can be modeled in the classroom in short lessons that can function as breaks, with small groups of students that need extra support, and as part of OST programming.


social emotional learning curricula offered to staff

Positive Youth Development

Our certified PYD trainers can train staff this strengths-based and trauma-informed strategy of engaging and strengthening relationship with youth. By focusing on the strengths of youth, through learning how to identify and support them, PYD allows for the creation of understanding youth perspectives and needs to create productive and constructive spaces, opportunities, relationships, and supports to enhance leadership, community engagement, peer relationships and prosocial behavior and activities.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is becoming increasingly important as we publicly discuss the impacts of mental health and lack of knowledge around the subject. MHFA training is an 8 hour or two day training that prepares first responders to deal with youth that may be showing symptoms of mental health crisis. It teaches staff how to respond, how to de-escalate, who to reach out to for help, and how to connect youth to resources to increase support for youth and adults who need mental health assistance. It does not train in diagnosis, therapy, or counseling.


For more information, or to bring Social Emotional Learning Curricula to your classroom, contact